Red Coca-Cola Game Gear – A Real Thing

Gaming and beverages have a wide and varied history, from 7up mascot Spot’s 16-bit adventures, PlayStation’s Pepsi Man and the Donkey Kong Jungle Juice energy drink. I believe in the business world they call this synergy.

In the 90′s SEGA and Coca-Cola took such cross-promotional teamwork to the next level, releasing a  complete beverage-branded console bundle. In it, you got a red Game Gear and an action platforming  game called Coca-Cola Kid.

Based off of the soda’s Japanese mascot, the game’s skateboarding protagonist can dole out spin kicks, perform flip jumps and suck down cola for more life. Coca-Cola Kid has some pretty advanced platforming mechanics too,  like the ability to hang off ledges and pull off sliding wall jumps.

The bundle has a few listing on ebay. This one is like $250. That is probably way too expensive to justify, so maybe remain sane and just admire the pics below.


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